80A Mppt solar controller up to 600v Xantrex xw

Product no.: XANTREXXW- 80Ah

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The Xantrex xw 80A Mppt Solar Controller up to 600v is perfect for installations with a large number of panels connected in series.


The Xantrex xw 80A Mppt solar regulator up to 600v is a very specific equipment designed for installations that require the serial connection of many panels. Its input of up to 600v allows the connection of more than 15 panels of 60 cells in series. The xatrex 80-600v mppt works at 24 and 48v and allows the use of lead acid, gel and agm batteries.

Advantages of installing an 80A Mppt solar Regulator up to 600v Xantrex xw
The xantrex 80Ah 600v mppt regulator is a very specific equipment designed to be installed in places where we need, due to installation requirements, the serial connection of the entire photovoltaic field. The 80Ah xantrex mppt for example can be very useful in installations that have a long distance between the panels and the batteries. In this case, by being able to have a 600v input, we can cover a very long distance of several hundred meters with a low section cable and have a minimal voltage drop.

In an installation of, for example, 15 panels of 250w 60 cells in series with 450v and 7.5 amps of intensity, we could cover a distance of 200 meters with a 6mm cable, having a voltage drop of less than 3%.


Features and general information of the Xantrex xw 80A up to 600v Mppt Solar Regulator

  • Output 80A, 48V or 24V battery (nominal)
  • Full Power (4,800 W; 2,560 W) up to 45 degrees C or 113 degrees F
  • MPPT fast scan algorithm
  • Two-stage or three-stage battery charger, EQ Plus
  • Battery type setting: FLA, AGM, Gel, custom
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • High efficiency: 96% NOM 48V, and 94% nom @ 24V
  • Lower Tare Loss (0.5 W; Xanbus Power Supply Off
  • Built on good agricultural practices and the indicator of
  • Input over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Output Overload Current and Black Power Protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Selectable PV array ground: (+), (-), or ungrounded
  • Positive or Negative system to ground
  • Xanbus compatible AGS, Gateway, SCP and XW


Electric specifications

Nominal battery voltage 24 or 48 Vdc
Max voltage from the photovoltaic field 195 to 550 Vdc
Max voltage 600 Vdc admissible
Short-circuit current Max. 35 Acc
Permissible wiring Between 2.5 and 13.5 mm2
Normal operating consumption <1 W (night)
Regulation method Two stages (Raw, absorption)

General specifications

Temperature range -40º to 85 ºC
Box type Vertical on interior wall
Weight (Regulator / shipping) 13.5 / 17 Kg
Regulator dimensions 760 x 220 x 220 mm

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