Portable fridge FRIGOCAT INDEL B 7 liters 12 V

Product no.: INDEL B-Frigocat

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The INDEL B 7-litre 12/24V DC FRIGOCAT portable refrigerator is compact and ideal for taking and putting anywhere.


The FRIGOCAT refrigerator is the portable thermoelectric refrigerator designed by INDEL B for installation in the narrowest spaces, which makes it ideal in:

  • tractors
  • vans
  • Automobiles etc.

FRIGOCAT is capable of reaching an internal temperature of 2º C in environmental conditions of 32º C.


The FRIGOCAT 7-litre fridge is an extremely compact fridge, but capable of storing 2 2-litre bottles inside.

Includes installation kit and 12 V power cable.

Internal dimensions of the fridge: 355 x 100 x 195 mm.


Data Sheet

Dimensions 430 x 160 x 276 mm
Weigth 6 Kg
EAN-UPC 8056040790601
Power supply 12VCC
Capacity 7 Liters
Includes fixing bracket 1
Type of fridge Portable
Capacity (range) < 50 liters
Cooling Unit Internal
Clasp type Standar


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