MAGNUM 5 wind turbine of 5 kW domestic 0-220V

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The TESUP Magnum 5 home wind turbine has an advanced design and is ideal for powering your entire home.


Choose the TESUP MAGNUM 5 home wind turbine for the following reasons:

  • MAGNUM's 5 kW wind power can power your entire home
  • Lower initial wind speed + large wind catchment area = more electricity at lower wind speeds
  • Strongest N42 grade neodymium magnets
  • Exceeding market standards in product innovation – stainless steel front ball bearing contains a frictionless sealing disc to prevent moisture and dust ingress
  • Unique maintenance-free (charcoal-free) sliding contact ensures electrical current flow without twisting or breaking the wire on the pole
  • Advanced product design, cooling fins to prevent overheating
  • Superior corrosion-resistant carbon fiber body, capable of heating and cooling the stator
  • Redesigned turbine blades result in a quieter, lighter and more durable mechanism.


Product Details

  • Product Name: MAGNUM 5 Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)
  • Power / Wattage: 5 kW
  • Operating circuit voltage: 0 - 220V
  • Number of wind turbine blades: 3
  • Weight: 10kg (22lbs)
  • Purpose: Distributed Wind Energy Resource (DER) for small-scale residential applications.


None of the other manufacturers of domestic wind turbines can match our energy efficiencies

There are several manufacturers of domestic wind turbines, but none of their technologies can reach our energy efficiency. Other manufacturers such as Marlec and Honeywell are much smaller throughputs of generator installed power capacities, none of them can reach 5 KW of a small home wind turbine. Only the powerful MAGNUM 5 can generate 5KW of clean, reusable power to run your entire home or business on or off the grid. Only M5 (MAGNUM 5) can even generate enough electricity for a small town. This advantage makes MAGNUM 5 unique in its class.

When the wind speed reaches 3 m/s, MAGNUM 5 rotates freely and smoothly, avoiding the undesirable jolts of the holding torque (torque torque).

The generator is equipped with cooling fins; this novel application prevents overheating. The corrosion-resistant carbon filter in the generator body allows for the heating and cooling effect of the stator circuit. The generator stator shaft runs on two permanently lubricated, encapsulated stainless steel ball bearings. The front bearing contains a special frictionless sealing disc to prevent the ingress of moisture and dust. These previous market standards make TESUP MAGNUM 5 a game changer in technology.

Maintenance free (charcoal free) sliding contact prevents the wire from twisting off the pole and ensures a strong electrical current.

The mounting of the wind turbine is easily done via a plug connection and on a pole. The inner diameter of the post required: 37mm nominal size.

In addition, the TESUP charge controller allows you to control non-synchronized alternating current at any voltage level so you can charge your batteries or inverters for connection to the electrical grid.


TESUP wind turbines are even used by scientists at the North Pole at minus 55 degrees Celsius

Wind energy and the electricity it generates are essential throughout the world. Since 2018, scientists at the North Pole have used TESUP wind turbines at minus 55° Celsius (-67° Fahrenheit). In hotter climates, the TESUP generator's generous component sizing and heat dissipation through its newly developed casing ensure a low thermal load, which in turn enables long life even at high ambient temperatures.


Keep prices low for the end user

This device is built with one of TESUP's highly engineered and developed electricity generators. If a category III hurricane occurs (111-129 mph (96-112 knots or 178-208 km/h) or higher, the blades must be covered.

MAGNUM 5 does not have the blade pitch control technology of large horizontal axis wind turbines. An 8MW offshore wind turbine can axially rotate its blades (blade pitch) to stop the wind turbine when winds exceed the maximum rated speed.

Please note that we do not add this option to our models to keep retail prices low for the end user.

When the blades are covered during a category 3 or higher hurricane, they cannot catch the wind. The rotation of the wind turbine stops and the mechanism is thus protected.


Tesup Care product warranty: 1 year (included)

Tesup places the highest priority on safety. All products are fully certified in accordance with the relevant global standards: EN 61000-6-1 (electromagnetic compatibility immunity); EN 61000-6-3 (electromagnetic compatibility – emissions).

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