Electric water heater Baxi 200 liters for hot water

Product no.: ES-7503742-0007

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Baxi electric water heater of 200 liters capacity for water heating with 5 years warranty..

 In addition they are also suitable as thermal support in solar installations with ACS production, significantly improving energy efficiency.

Accompanying its advanced technology, our range of electric thermoses has multiple security, regulations and controls:

  1. Regulation thermostat, internal in Series 2 and external in Series 5 (except in models V 515 and V 520 that is internal).
  2. Armored heating resistance with double thermostat: regulation and safety.
  3. External thermometer, which allows to observe the evolution of the internal temperature (except in models V 515 and V 520).
  4. Electrolytic insulating sleeves, to increase its protection against corrosion.
  5. Overpressure safety valve.
  6. Degree of electrical protection IP24.
  7. Cable and power plug mounted to ensure a correct electrical connection of the thermos to the network.

The thermoses of these ranges incorporate several advantages that increase their durability and efficiency:

  1. High strength enameled Cuba
  2. Oversized and high density Mg anode
  3. System "Ohmic Protection" to prolong the life of the anode
  4. Mounting flange with wide opening diameter, which allows easy maintenance of the device
  5. Stainless steel diffuser in the water inlet, which increases the stratification and maximizes the volume of hot water. It also allows working at high inlet temperatures without problems (solar systems).
  6. High density polyurethane insulation to minimize thermal losses to the environment and energy consumption.

The models of the series 5 incorporate the innovative protection system "Ohmic Protection". With it it is possible to increase the efficiency of the magnesium anode that all the thermos incorporate. Additionally, it allows to increase up to 50% the useful life of this key element in the protection of the tank against corrosion.

This innovative system of protection added to the high quality of its materials and the optimal manufacturing process allow to offer a commercial warranty of 5 years in the tank of the thermos in the series 5.

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