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Durable 410W Performance Monocrystalline Sunpower Solar Panel (P3 and P19) with exclusive technology without "Bus Bars" and efficiency of 20%


The SunPower Performance Series solar panels are a technological revolution in the photovoltaic sector. It has an efficiency of more than 20% and a combined product and performance guarantee of 25 years.

Its power of 410 / 415W (commercial version) and 330W Full Black (residential version) make it perfect for projects of solar panels for photovoltaic self-consumption of medium and large size, where maximum profitability and maximum performance are sought.

Performance Technology was designed because:

Every photovoltaic professional knows that the biggest source of failure of a solar panel is the metallic contacts (bus-bars) between the cells of a photovoltaic panel. These bus-bars are the cause of 50% of incidents in a solar panel (certified by TÜV).

  • The solution posed by SunPower with the Peformance P3 (formerly P19) series, designed in the Silicon Valley, without contacts or metallic welds between cells. In addition to being a Tier 1 brand, this is the great advantage of using SunPower Performance technology, compared to conventional technology of cells with bus-bars and welds.



Is it a unique and exclusive technology?
Performance technology is patented in the USA, and although it is an exclusive technology, there are some similar ones on a visual level (with a similar appearance) but very distant from a technical, warranty and performance level.

SunPower has been manufacturing solar panels for over 40 years. In addition to this, it is a company listed in Bloomberg's Tier 1 (which is precisely the list of the most solvent manufacturers) and, as if that were not enough, it belongs to the Total oil company.


Advantages of Solar Panel 410W and 330W SunPower Performance (P3 and P19)

  • Durability: By not using bus-bars or metallic welds on the cells, the chances of breakdowns are minimal.
  • Warranty: It is a solar panel with a 25-year warranty for both product and production.
  • Efficiency: Above 20% and very low temperature coefficient.
  • Design: The "Black" model is extraordinary for roof integration.
  • History: SunPower has been manufacturing photovoltaic modules for more than 40 years, always pioneering performance and innovation.




New generation solar panels up to 410W and 330W P3-BLK (formerly P19-BLK),

New drainage corners:

  • In addition to this, the Performance COM incorporate a section in their corners for draining water and dirt.
  • These drainage corners have a particularity that is much more important than it may seem at first glance, since in industrial installations the inclination of the panels is not always the most appropriate and this can cause dirt to accumulate in the corners of the panels.
  • This build-up is a reason for performance problems and potential hot spots.
  • The use of drainage corners solves this problem that can have a great impact in the medium term. You can expand more information about this problem in our article on problems of hot-spots and dirt on solar panels.
  • Important: SunPower Performance COMs are designed for photovoltaic installations in industries, factories, small companies or any type of installation as long as they are not single-family homes. The guarantee requires it. For homes, there is the BLK version.
  • New generation solar panels up to 410W

10kW installation with SunPower Performance BLK solar panels

The new SunPower Performance is a technological revolution in high-performance photovoltaic panels that completely rethink the way a photovoltaic panel is structured and that has placed the P3-P19 among one of the best solar panels in the world.
The American manufacturer SunPower, has completely redesigned the Mono PERC solar panel manufacturing technology, expanding the collection area of ??the panel (more power than other conventional ones) and, above all, eliminating the connections and metallic welds between cells.

The latter of not using welds, supposes almost completely eliminating any type of possibility of appearance of "hot spots in solar panels" due to problems related to these metallic connections between cells.

For this, it has 2 versions, a Commercial and a Residential, for each type of needs.

SunPower Performance COM Detail (For Commercial Use):
The Commercial version of the Performance series, that is to say, the 400-410-415W P3-COM (formerly P19-COM) models are designed for medium / large installations.

It is a solar panel from 400W to 410W, of 2 square meters, with an efficiency of 19.9-20% and is designed for NON-Residential installations. Probably one of the most powerful solar panels, with those dimensions, and with that technology that you can buy right now.




SunPower P19 photovoltaic solar panels have an exclusive technology, developed in Silicon Valley (USA), and that no other manufacturer in the world has, they are on the list of the best in the five reliability tests carried out, these being:

  • thermal cycles
  • humid heat
  • moisture freeze
  • dynamic mechanical load
  • potential induced potential degradation

Therefore, buying a SunPower P19 photovoltaic solar panel is going far beyond any other panel on the market. It is having the security of having the highest quality that exists in photovoltaic panels and being part of one of the brands that investigates and innovates the most in the photovoltaic world.


Highlight the following points as the most interesting of the SPR-P19 photovoltaic solar panel:

  • An almost perfect solar panel: SunPower P-Series solar panels are practically immune to the most common problems in conventional solar panels. They do not have problems of breakage of connections between cells (because they do not use those connections) and neither of corrosion by humid heat.
  • Maximum guarantee for your peace of mind: More power guaranteed. SunPower offers the best combined power and product warranty in 25 years.
  • Optimized performance: SunPower P series panels are better suited to withstand shady or dirty situations. While standard panels may see their performance reduced by 33% or more, SunPower P series panels will only suffer an 11% loss.

Photovoltaic panels degradation reasons
It was discovered that 45% of the degradation of photovoltaic solar panels is caused by corrosion. And that 41% is produced by breaks in the interconnections between the solar cells.

For this last reason, SunPower has created the P19s, to eliminate that 41% risk of breaking connections between cells. Well, the P19 photovoltaic panels, among other technological innovations, do not have connections between cells. Differences between a conventional solar cell and a SunPower Performance Series cell:

  • The solar cells that are integrated in a SunPower SPR-P19-390 / 400 photovoltaic solar panel are of the so-called Performance Series technology.
  • It is a type of cells exclusive to SunPower, developed in Silicon Valley, and unlike any other that can be found in a conventional monocrystalline solar panel.
  • An innovative tile / tile design that, as we have seen in the previous point, eliminates many of the reliability problems of traditional cell-to-cell contact panels.
  • Thus, the front cell-to-cell connections and solder links are removed to expand the active area of ??the cell, as can be seen in the lower left image.
  • On the other hand, the cells are glued together with an adhesive used in the aerospace industry.
  • Therefore the connections between the cells are flexible, on the back face and redundant, so they always maintain the energy flow and the lowest maximum temperatures in the cell.

This allows for a longer and more reliable life of the photovoltaic solar panel. You can clearly see in the upper right image how the group can be folded.



Corrosion by humidity in other conventional photovoltaic panels

A SunPower P19 photovoltaic solar panel does not have this problem, as its encapsulation is designed to protect the cells from corrosion.

Look at the following electroluminescence image between two examples of conventional photovoltaic solar panels and the SunPower P19 after subjecting them to several corrosion tests. Therefore, we know that a SunPower P19 photovoltaic solar panel is not going to have corrosion problems or problems of connection breaks between cells.A P19 photovoltaic solar panel finished the test with losses of 0.1%, the great most exceeded 2-3%.





Losses due to breakage in solar cells due to changes in temperature (Cold / Heat) in the photovoltaic solar panel P19 with its exclusive technology

The image shown is also of an electroluminescence on a section of a P19 photovoltaic solar panel that has had a small break in one of its cells to see its behavior under these circumstances. If you look closely, although the dark area is a "dead" area, the current circulates with absolute fluidity around it because the cells of the P19 are glued to each other and do not have welds or a "bus bar". What this causes is that it encourages the current to circulate freely through the surface of the panel, without having to force its absorption by the “bus bars” used by conventional panels and, in micro-break conditions, it does not generate “hot spots” .This is a technological novelty that only SunPower uses in its Performance Series line and that is exclusive to this manufacturer. And for more data, the following image shows the result of the test done by DNV after 60 temperature cycles from + 85ºC to - 40ºC:

In the graphic of the image it is clearly seen how the SunPower Performance photovoltaic solar panel has no losses after the test carried out by the DNVGL, it remains unchanged. However, the majority of conventional panels did experience losses, to a greater or lesser extent.




Maximized power production with revolutionary parallel circuit

If we compare the Performance 390/400 model with another conventional photovoltaic solar panel (for example a 310W solar panel with 17% efficiency and 1.7 surface area), the Performance Series panels offer 5-7% more efficiency and up to 17% more energy during the first 25 years of operation.

Performance PV panels also benefit from a unique parallel circuit design that provides more power in shaded conditions, allowing for greater ground or roof coverage.





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