10 ampers Steca solar regulator 12/24V PR1010

Product no.: pr1010

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Regulator Steca Solarix PR 1010 10A 12 / 24V with charge function indicator, LCD screen and digital display.



Steca PR charge controllers are the fifth generation of our charging technology (up to 900 Wp) and were launched on the market in 2004. This product represents the top of its class and is an improvement of the Steca Solarix series thanks to the LCD display which shows the exact loading status in percentage value and as a bar chart. The heart of the regulator is the integrated circuit called ATONIC® II, which contains the improved regulation software based on an algorithm capable of self-learning.


  1. Charging of batteries by shunt pulse duration modulation (PWM)
  2. Regulation based on the state of charge (SOC) of the battery
  3. Integrated Ah counter
  4. Reinforced load
  5. Compensation charge
  6. Final load tension
  7. Automatic reconnection of the consumer
  8. Manual load switching
  9. Automatic voltage (12 V / 24 V)
  10. Temperature compensation
  11. Positive grounding
  12. (o) Negative grounding in a terminal
  13. Adjustable in situ by means of two buttons
  14. Night light control function
  15. Interface for the prepaid unit (optional)
  16. Self-control function
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