Victron Multiplus-II inverter combines the best of Victron

Product no.: multiplus-II

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New inverter from Victron, the Multiplus-II that combines the best of the Multiplus and Multigridd models.


All the features that can be found in the Victron Multiplus have been included in the design of the second version of the famous inverter-charger.

We can enjoy almost unlimited power, thanks to the possibility of installing up to 6 Multiplus-II in parallel, and uninterrupted by taking control of the installation by the inverter in case of power failure, disconnection of the port or generator in only 20 milliseconds.

But, in addition, the new Multiplus-II includes an optional external current transformer that increases the function of PowerControl and PowerAssist to 100 A, which improves the anti-overload protection in an unlimited AC source, such as a generator or a port shot.


The, until now, last inverter-charger of Victron also incorporates all its characteristics to the new Multigrid.

The hardware and firmware changes included in the Multigrid with respect to the Multiplus to achieve the certification of self-consumption and storage required in each country have also been implemented in the Multiplus-II, as well as its anti-island system according to RD 1699- RD 413 Spanish.

Remote configuration and control

As with all Victron inverters, monitoring and control is extremely simple and intuitive and offers a wide variety of possibilities.

We can monitor and control the Multi and its system or systems locally (LAN) or remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world with the free VRM app and the free VRM portal website. The access can be carried out from a telephone, a tablet or a PC with different operating systems. The level of control has no limit, always through the essential Color Control GX or Venus GX, from the setting of your Multi to the automatic start of a generator and much more ...

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