Victron Multigrid inverter / charger for self-consumption

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Victron Multigrid inverter / charger for self-consumption that ensures optimal operation in installations connected to the network and that wish to use batteries.

Being certified for self-consumption in Spain according to RD1699 / 2011 (modified according to RD 413/2014), the Multigrid is a key part of Victron Energy's ESS systems, which combine with MPPT Solar chargers or linked PV inverters to the network with this inverter with total reliability and flexibility.

Its 3 models of 3000VA also offer monitoring systems via LAN or WiFi through the VRM portals and apps and the possibility of managing it through the Victron Color Control GX and Victron Venus GX controllers.

Combined with the flexibility of a MultiPlus bidirectional converter

The MultiPlus range of bi-directional converters contains the AC generation products for boats and preferred vehicles worldwide, as well as for battery recharging both from the port and through an AC generator.

The MultiPlus has also become the industry standard for energy storage systems connected or not to the network and is approved for use in energy storage and self-consumption systems in the United Kingdom (standards G83 / 2 and G59-3 -1).

It took several hardware and firmware modifications to comply with VDE-AR-N 4105 and several other energy storage standards in specific countries. The resulting product is the MultiGrid.

The MultiGrid fits perfectly in all the most common energy storage topologies

There is no "universal" solution in energy storage. The basic components, topology and control systems will depend on local conditions and regulations.

The hardware of the MultiGrid, as well as the wide range of software tools available, fit seamlessly into all the most common topologies, as shown in the images below.

You can find more information in our Energy Storage brochure.

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