Off-grid solar kit with lithium battery 3000W 6600Whdia

Product no.: kitpi-3000

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Solar kit solar installation isolated with lithium battery Pilontech with 4.8 Kwh of accumulation and between 3000W 6600Whdia


The Solar Kit with Pylontech lithium batteries cn 4.8 kWh capacity has a power of between 3,000 and 6,600Whdia depending on the time of year.

It is a perfect solar installation for isolated houses with an average consumption in a second home, weekend or summer.

This kit is perfectly expandable in case the consumption of the house is increased for any reason, being able to add up to 10 solar panels and a maximum of 8 batteries.


The solar kit consists of:

  • 4 Solar panels of 320W 24V Polycrystalline Trina Solar
  • 2 Pylontech lithium battery 48V 2.4kWh
  • 1 Inverter Charger 3000W 48V MPPT 60A Voltronic
  • Structure for metal inclined roof

What can you use with this solar kit?

  • 1 Refrigerator class A +++
  • 1 50W television for 4h / day
  • 8 Led Bulbs 10W for 4h / day
  • 1 Laptop for 4h / day
  • Tamvien will be able to charge your mobiles
  • Consumption in stand-by inverter up to 3000W
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