DC fuse type ANL 50 to 500A

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ANL type DC fuse from 50A to 500A to protect your isolated solar installation from any power and size


ANL DC fuses are easy and quick to put on and take off, you only need one each fuse holder available here.

All isolated installations need to be protected with DC fuses that must always be placed on the positive, usually red, cable.

The fuses of a solar installation must be placed on the positive that goes down from the panels to the regulator, it is not mandatory but very advisable, it will also help us to cut the current in case of breakdown or maintenance. Its size depends on the total power of the solar field.

Fuse of direct current placed in the positive between the regulator and the batteries, the size of this depends on the current of the regulator, although the solar field current can also be used.

Finally, the DC fuse between the batteries and the inverter, this should always be the most important and is calculated by dividing the power of the inverter at the input and the voltage of the battery bank. In many cases in the instructions of the inverter figure which fuse you should place.


  • 50A
  • 80A
  • 100A
  • 150A
  • 200A
  • 250A
  • 300A
  • 350A
  • 400A
  • 500A



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