Instant electricity meter

Product no.: e2-classic

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Electricity meter E2 Instant Classic.

The e2 classic monitor is very easy to install and use. The sensor is connected to the transmitter and transfer information wirelessly to the monitor, indicating power consumption instantly.

You can download the data to your PC using eLink.

  • Instant consumption expenditure
  • Without cables. Radio.
  • Display daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or average consumption.
  • Multirate: You can select up to 4 different hourly rates.
  • Compatible with three-phase installations.
  • With alarm. This will sound to reach the preset limit.

In elink program for your PC, you can:

  • Manage and compare different electricity rates. You can choose the best rates and electrical competences of the different companies.
  • Do consumer reports. Whether daily, weekly or monthly. You will easily peak daily consumption, the days of increased consumption, etc.
  • You will see the curve of daily consumption and, as a result, you can make corrections and reduce electrical usage considerably, thereby lowering electricity bills.
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