Spas and Jacuzzies solar heating system

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Discoterm is the cheapest and easiest to install in the market to get solar hot water, very useful system to heat your hot tub or spa

Discoterm produce hot water using solar energy can be used directly or add it to your existing installation if you have one. Has a glassy deposit that improves corrosion resistance.

The cheaper and easier to install solar panel. No special supports, without spending extra.

Discoterm has a large heat capacity because the hot water is heated directly in the collector-storage efficiency of production of hot water is superior to traditional flat panels where heat transfer is done through double water circuit.

Its main features are:

  • SIMPLE: It can be installed anywhere and requires no pumps, batteries or electricity
  • RELIABLE: It is manufactured since 1979
  • PATENTED: With yields ISO 9002 certified
  • CAPACITY: For families of 4/5 people
  • FULL SUPPLY: Comes standard with galvanized brackets for floor or roof, magnesium anode and safety valve with check valve device.

The installation is so simple that you just plug the inlet of cold water and hot water outlet.




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Electric resistance to Solar energy 2Kw Electric resistance to Solar energy 2Kw
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