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With the Energy Adam get significant savings on hot water usage both at home and in your business, preventing it from being lost down the drain.


1 .- What is it?. It is a drinkable water pump with an integrated electronic circuit, (controlling the pressures of water and security system), a Temperature sensors and a radio transmitter and receiver.

2 .- What is the point?. We offer a solution in circuits without having a  return pipeline installed.

3.-Instalation. No precise works. Installed at the tap furthest away from the boiler or hot water tank (as shown in the pictures) a bypass pipe between the hot and cold water pipe.

4 .-How it works?. We create a  bypass, which recirculates cold water in  pipe that brings us hot water and returns to the boiler or hot water tank by the existing pipeline that brings cold water, the integrated electronic circuit is responsible for increase pressure to overcome the inlet pressure network automatically when the Temperature sensors installed at the pump detected an increase in temperature stops automatically. Now we already have hot water in all faucets of the house without losing drinking water down the drain.

5 .- How do I activate it?. By remote control (we can have one o more remotes controls) or a button placed in the closet (kitchen, bathroom) where this pump is installed.


a- We turn it on, only when we want hot water.

b-Satisfaction not to throw drinkable water down the drain while we wait for hot water. Approx. 10.000 litres per person per year.These liters of water are always 8ºC/10ºC higher than water coming from town supply, so we save 80-100 m3 natural gas of energy.

c-Harnessing solar thermal energy for showers, dishwashers, washing machine, cooking, washing etc. ...So we can cut down electricity bills.

It also works with circuits when return pipeline had been installed.

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