Black solar panel TSC 400W PowerXT cell

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Black solar panel TSC 400W Unpower type PowerXT cell without visible connections and more than 20% efficiency.



Reaching an efficiency of over 20%, TSC PowerXT solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential and commercial market. Compared to traditional panels, PowerXT panels have fewer gaps between solar cells and are manufactured with a black backsheet and frames, giving them an eye-catching look and higher efficiency.
Developed in the United States, TSC's proprietary cell cutting creates a highly reliable PowerXT cell in which busbars and ribbon interconnects, common points of failure, are eliminated. TSC's proprietary panel assembly then packages the cells into the PowerXT solar panel, reducing the idle space between the cells. This process results in an exceptionally attractive and efficient solar panel.


Higher efficiency, higher power
TSC PowerXT panels achieve an efficiency of over 20%; traditional panels
is reach an efficiency of 15% to 17%. TSC PowerXT panels are one of the highest power panels available.

Lower system costs
PowerXT panels produce more energy per square meter of surface. This reduces installation costs due to fewer system components such as shelving and cables.

Improved shadow tolerance
The solar cell substrings are interconnected in parallel, within each of the four quadrants of the module, dramatically reducing shading losses and increasing energy efficiency.

Improved aesthetics
Compared to traditional panels, PowerXT panels have a more uniform appearance and superior aesthetics, with a pure black photovoltaic panel.

Durability and reliability
Solderless cell interconnects are highly reliable and designed to exceed the industry-leading 25-year power and product warranty.

PID resistant
PowerXT panels are PID resistant. This ensures stable and predictable energy production over time.

About TSC
TSC is the European division of a US Silicon Valley company that has been operating in the photovoltaic sector for 20 years and has more than 250 issued and pending patents in solar cell and module technology. TSC and its parent company lead the industry in high-performance Pure BlackTM solar panels for residential and commercial applications.


Solaria PowerXT- 400R-PM solar panel performance:

  • Maximum power Pmax) [W] 400
  • Efficiency [%] 20.2
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc) [V] 51.1
  • Short circuit current I (sc) [A] 9.82
  • Maximum power voltage (Vmp) [V] 42.4
  • Maximum current (Imp) [A] 9.41
  • Power tolerance [%] -0 / + 3
  • Weight: 21 Kw
  • Measurements: 1644mm x 1204mm x 40mm

You can see all the characteristics in the technical sheet: Click here

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