Solar tracker with 20 m2 of modular area

Product no.: SF20SD

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5,320.00 / unit(s)

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Solar tracker with 20 m2 of modular area for both isolated and networked solar installations

Safe, robust, minimal maintenance, weather resistant

Thanks to our two-axis tracking system, the performance and, consequently, the profitability of a photovoltaic installation can be up to 40% higher than that of fixed installations facing south. SunFlex installations represent a very affordable module that can be mounted on site without using any special tool and in a very simple way.

The intelligent regulation system, coupled with a special sensor head, not only allows precise tracking of direct solar radiation, but also makes the most of the radiated energy even when there are clouds (scattered light).

The metal parts are hot dip galvanized or have a special treatment against corrosion. For its part, the voltage supply is performed a. through a source that presents an extremely reduced consumption. Helped by the wind sensor that is included in the scope of supply, the electronic system is responsible for maintaining a maximum degree of safety, even when the force of the wind is intense.




  1. Solar Tracker is designed to withstand winds of 140 km / h with 20 m2 of surface.
  2. The amount of terrain occupied by the followers in a solar plant is always the same, it does not matter if the followers are large or small. For example, a 500 kwp plant with 2-axis trackers and panels with 15% performance, need at the latitude of 40º, a land area of ??24,000 m2, use small or immense followers.
  3. Functioning
  4.  When you enter the screen of the date, time and coordinates of the place, with the buttons, the FEiNA SF20 Solar Tracker is pointed to the Sun. From this moment the FEiNA SF20 Solar Tracker works.
  5. Every X minutes (between 1 and 90, as programmed), calculate the position and move the FEiNA SF20 Solar Tracker if necessary.
  6. When the sun sets, when the sun's inclination on the horizon is negative, the FEiNA SF20 Solar Tracker returns to the east and gets close to the horizontal (about 80 degrees with respect to the vertical).
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