Solar system for high efficiency self-consumption

Product no.: SF01030

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Solar system composed of solar panel and integrated microinverter for self-consumption of high efficiency to plug and ready.


Unpack, install and plug

The simplest solution for anyone who wants to produce their own electricity for free with sunlight and does not have much space available and lower their electric bill.

The solar panel of this mini power station has an integrated microinverter that can be easily hung from any wall to which the sun, plug it into any nearby outlet and start generating power immediately.

Invisible assembly

The wall mounting set of this mini power plant, which is included, allows an easy and quick solution to mount the solar panels on the wall in an invisible way.

The module is also suitable for installation on any ceiling.

There is a good quality price relation.
Optimization of solar energy consumption
Prepared for zero grid injection system
No visible fixing points to the wall
Silent inverter

Reduce the costs of electricity and energy in a sustainable way with the energy of the sun.

  • 300W solar panel
  • Integrated microinverter

Technical data:

  • Potencia máxima: 300W
  • Umpp  32,68V
  • Impp:   9,18A
  • Uoc:    39,36V
  • Isc:      9,65A
  • Eficiencia: 18,15%
  • 60 celulas de 156 x 156 mm
  • Max voltaje del sistema: 1.000V
  • Medidas: 1702 x 992 x 40 mm
  • Peso: 23 Kg
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