Kostal Piko 1.5 MP Plus 1.5kW inverter

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The Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW network inverter is perfect for n single-phase self-consumption installations



The Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW Inverter can work with or without batteries

If you want to connect batteries, it is compatible with BYD high voltage batteries, however the ability to work with batteries is still under development by the manufacturer. The Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW Inverter has a two-year warranty that can be extended to 5 if it is registered on the Kostal portal within the first 6 months of its acquisition.

The Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW inverter is prepared to work in single-phase grid connection facilities, that is, in those installations where it is desired that the consumptions made during the daytime hours in which the solar panels receive radiation Solar is taken as a source of supply the energy supplied by the solar panels, by internal technology this inverter Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW can work with high voltage batteries in the event that it is desired thanks to the Smart Energy Meter to achieve energy autonomy also the days with less solar radiation and night hours.

The Kostal Piko 1.5-1 MP Plus 1.5kW inverter has a screen on the front that records the data and allows monitoring of the installations, network interfaces and integrated regulation as standard. Monitoring is free through Kostal Solar Portal, Kostal Solar App and the internal Webserver.

The smaller Kostal Piko MP Plus inverters, such as the Kostal Piko MP Plus 1.5kW hybrid inverter, incorporate a single PMP or MPPT which means that all solar panels are connected through the same input port. While Kostal Piko MP Plus inverters with higher power have 2 PMP or MPPT, which means that the solar panels can be divided into two distinct groups and connected to the inverter so that the inverter itself is capable of both groups working in its efficiency point at all times without deviations between the different groups affecting the overall performance of the solar installation, this is very useful when you want to install solar panels with two different inclinations or in different locations so that according to the time of day a group receives more solar radiation than another.

PIKO MP plus: the flexible single-phase inverter
He who says that small photovoltaic installations are not worth it, is wrong in the case of PIKO MP plus. And this KOSTAL photovoltaic inverter with its power classes of 1.5 to 4.6 kW can already be used from three modules and is therefore ideal for small installations in the home itself. The PIKO MP plus provides extremely stable production and its wide range of input voltage allows multiple connection possibilities for photovoltaic modules.
Thanks to its good equipment, it can be connected both as a photovoltaic inverter in a new installation or mounted as an accumulator in an existing installation only on the CA * side. The extension with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter * allows use as an energy accumulator * without an additional inverter.

* available later by software update

Product characteristics

  • PIKO MP plus: the small to the big
  • Flexible use
  • One or two PMP followers
  • Extended PMP range: perfect for "repowering" (Repowering)
  • Smart connected
  • Display, data logging, facility monitoring, network and regulatory interfaces integrated as standard
  • Free monitoring of the photovoltaic system through the KOSTAL Solar Portal, the KOSTAL Solar App and the internal Webserver
  • Here efficiency is written in capital letters
  • Smart performance
  • Possibility of integration of energy meters
  • High efficiency
  • Dynamic control of active power and 24-hour measurement
  • Possibility of zero injection
  • Easy installation
  • Single phase power
  • Convenient connection without opening the device
  • Integrated DC disconnect device
  • Simple menu-guided operation and installation
  • Optimal protection against dust and water for outdoor use (protection type IP 65)

Extension for photovoltaic installation suitable for battery *
With the KOSTAL Smart Energy Manager you can connect a battery to the PIKO MP plus with two PMP followers
On devices with two PMP followers, one of the PMP followers can be used as a bidirectional input *
Ideal for repowering
On devices with a PMP tracker, the battery function is also given as a battery connection with AC coupling
Ideal for new installations
Battery function in devices with two PMP trackers for battery connection with DC coupling *
* available later by software update
PIKO MP plus: has something special
With the PIKO MP plus you will achieve that even small photovoltaic systems achieve maximum efficiency. And since KOSTAL inverters are well designed products, all the important components for the design of the installation have already been taken into account and are available.

Smart optimization
Above all, the smallest photovoltaic installations of single-family homes benefit from the KOSTAL PIKO MP plus inverter. From three modules, the PIKO MP plus already achieves maximum efficiency and supplies the home with power. Also, from the first quarter of 2019 it will also be possible to connect a battery to the small force package. And all other components for the design of the installation are also assembled.

Smart interaction
The PIKO MP plus has nothing to envy its older brothers regarding the issue of communication. With its extensive package that includes data logging, Webserver and solar portal, this inverter is perfectly equipped as standard and meets all requirements.

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