Monoblock battery Kaise AGM 250Ah 12V 250Ah

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The battery Kaise AGM KBAS122500 of 12V and 250 Ah is hermetic and is especially recommended for solar systems in demanding environments


Kaise's KBAS122500 battery is a 12V, sealed monoblock type battery and therefore maintenance free, this type of battery is very useful for use with low power equipment such as: home lighting, television, laptops, Small refrigerators, hotel or caravan types, mobile or tblts charging or telecommunications equipment, it is perfect for second homes with little consumption or caravans and motorhomes

The 12V AGM 250Ah Kaise Battery is a perfect battery for many types of use, since the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology allows it to be used without the danger of electrolyte spillage caused by movements or displacements. The 12V AGM 250Ah Kaise Battery does not emit gases as the electrolyte is soaked in a membrane instead of being in a liquid state, which makes it a very safe battery for any use and to be indoors in poorly ventilated spaces.

The 12V AGM 250Ah Kaise Battery has a good value for money, since it combines a great quality with a reduced price with a great performance.

The 12V AGM 250Ah Battery is manufactured under the highest quality standards, this battery has one of the best price-Ah ratios that you can find in its category


  • Brand: Kaise
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 250Ah
  • Terminal Type: M8
  • Dimensions: 522 x 240 x 218 mm (Total Height: 224mm)
  • Weight: 57.40 Kg
  • Without maintenance
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