8W flat photovoltaic solar tile for your roof

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Turn your roof into a photovoltaic power plant by installing our flat solar tiles with a power of 8W each.


The perfect balance between technology and aesthetics.

Can a technological roof compete with the beauty of the Arab tile?
Whether new or renovated a house or building that uses our solar tiles will always find the perfect complement to combine modernity and the beauty of the clay tile.
The range of tiles includes 4 colors for better integration and because producing energy is also a matter of style

Flat photovoltaic roof tile

General characteristics:

  • Tile specially manufactured to house a photovoltaic module with a ventilation duct, all made with a mixture of special clays to guarantee all the morphological characteristics of the tile: Appearance, geometry, absorption, flexibility, etc.
  • Photovoltaic module: In silicon-monocrystalline, performance of cell S.T.C 15.3%, with power of 8.0 Wp. Encapsulated tedlar with double EVA, and 4 mm glass. Water-proof junction box with bypass diode on each individual bent plate, 2.5 mm2 cables, IP68 fast coupling connectors MC4, all certified according to EN 61215 (class II 1000 V) TUV and CE standards of the Italian Institute accredited by EA in the GSE.
  • Minimum power guaranteed 10 years to 90% and 25 years to 80%.
  • Solar tiles for m2: 12 tiles
  • Surface for 1 Kw: 10,5 m2
  • Warranty: 10 years in materials and labor.

Coupling of tiles with photovoltaic module: Silicone with a high modulus of elasticity able to pass the tests of solar thermal energy.


Solar PV tile 

Modulo 8W
Area 64cm2
Radiación 1.000 W/m2
Isc 2,11A
Voc 4,961V
Pmp 7,84W
Eficiencia de la célula 15,3%
Resistencia 216ohm
Celulas en serie 8
Imp 1,954A
Vmp 4,011V
F.F 0,749
Resisencia en serie 236 Mohm
Tolerancia 3%
Max Vmp 1.000V
N.O.C.T +43,6ºC



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