DisGrid MicPro 3500 WH/D 600 kit

Product no.: DIS-MICPRO

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Savings on electricity bills with the DisGrid MicPro 600 Kit in addition to supporting the fight against climate change.


Economic and energy savings have become indispensable objectives, supporting the fight against climate change a right and obligation of all, reducing energy imports and reactivating economic activity and national industry a duty of all citizens.

With the DisGrid MicPro 600 Kit, it is possible to self-consume an average of 1280 KWh annually, which means an approximate average annual saving on bills of 256 euros thanks to photovoltaic solar energy.

Another not inconsiderable saving that this solar kit brings is the non-emission of about 19 tons of CO2 over the 30 years of guaranteed production.

You will wonder how it works? It works like this: when there is sun and consumption in the home, the solar panels feed the consumption (up to the power of the inverter) When there is sun and there is no consumption in the home, the inverter injects generated energy into the grid to compensate with the electricity company .

In other words, total savings, is the most economical system to produce our own energy and save on the electricity bill, Incredible! True? This is due to the fact that the inverter injects into the house the energy generated by the solar panel and into the grid the energy not consumed by the house to make the compensation.

Electric self-consumption has many advantages, both in individuals and at the societal level, but undoubtedly economic savings will always be the greatest advantage, which will be manifested in the amount of the electric energy bill, since there will be great savings compared to what what would you pay if you don't have the photovoltaic installation.



  • It generates 100% renewable energy.
  • Economic and energy savings for life. Greater energy efficiency thanks to distributed generation, which avoids transport losses since energy is produced near consumption points.
  • It reduces fossil fuel consumption and Spain's energy dependence on the outside.
  • Reduces energy imports.
  • Reactivates national economic and industrial activity.
  • It facilitates achieving the country's environmental objectives to combat Climate Change.
  • Allows savings through avoided CO2 emissions.
  • It allows channeling private savings towards local and close investment that will benefit the whole of society.


It includes

  • 2 340W 144 cells solar panels.
  • 1 APSystms YC600 600W maximum power microinverter.
  • 1 coplanar structure for modules.
  • Installation and commissioning manual to be able to auto-install it.
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