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Battery LifeP04 PYLONTECH 48V 2.4KWh Lithium battery with the best technology with a lower price than other models.


The LiFePo4 Pylontech lithium batteries are low voltage modular batteries, with a voltage of 48 volts in a 19 'rack format, compatible with the main inverters of the isolated market: Victron Energy, Voltronic, Studer, Voltronic, Sungrow, Imeon ... .

Lithium Pylontech batteries can be installed in parallel, in the same rack, with up to a maximum of 8 units in the case of the US 2000C model or 12 units in the case of the US 3000 model and in turn, with the use of the Pylontech Hub LV-Hub, you can connect up to 5 racks in parallel, with which you get lithium storage systems from 2.4 kWh to 210 kWh, giving this battery a wide range of possibilities of use.

Pylontech lithium batteries have a number of advantages over other batteries such as:

Battery Management Sytems (BMS)

Each battery has a BMS monitoring system in charge of controlling the load, discharge and temperature of the same, avoiding damage to the battery when its safety parameters are exceeded and adding a system of energy compensation between cells.

Useful life

The useful life of pylontech batteries is encrypted by its manufacturer in 6000 cycles at a depth of discharge of 90% DoD, although we must show some caution when giving these ciphers, taking into account the youth of this storage technology in our market and the enormous differences in the conditions of use, mainly weather conditions that in our geography can occur.


Buying with other types of technologies such as lead acid batteries, the lithium battery is much lighter. In this case, each Pylontech module has a weight between 24 and 32 Kgr, depending on the model.

Load / unload capacity

The charge / discharge capacity of these recommended batteries is 0.5 C (25 or 37 Amp depending on the model), allowing a capacity of 1 C (50 or 37 Amp depending on the model), and a load capacity / maximum discharge of 100 Amp, for a maximum of 15 seconds.


As indicated, your 19 "Rack fomato allows multiple configurations, for this, the Lithium Pylontech battery can be mounted on any Rack, or with Pylontech brackets.

Notice and notifications: Through its CAN and RS485 communication ports it can inform you of the status and possible problems it detects.

Medium discharge: These batteries can be discharged at 0.7C (35A), unlike BYD that can be discharged at 1C. In installations without communication, as in some forms of connection with Voltronic inverters, the maximum discharge is 0.2C (10A), to prevent damage.

Parallel operation: Pylontech US2000B lithium batteries can be mounted in parallel with the connection cables that are included with the battery, up to a maximum of 8 units. Soon, with new firmware, up to 16 US2000B modules can be connected in parallel.

Rack or bracket mounting: Pylontech batteries are available in 6U, 12U, 20U rack cabinets, but can also be stacked one on top of the other with special Pylontech anchors. A kind of staples that fix a lithium module with another. 2 brackets are needed per battery.

10 year warranty: To obtain the full warranty, it is necessary to fulfill two things, one, that the battery does not discharge more than 25Ah, and two, register the battery on the Pylontech website. Using fewer modules than we recommend below depending on the nominal power of the inverter, voids the warranty, since we would excerpt from the recommended 25A discharge. You can download the warranty here.

Maintenance-free: Lithium batteries do not need maintenance, nor electrolyte filling nor equalization phase. It is absolutely odorless, unlike AGM, so it is ideal to install inside a home.


Inverters compatible with the Pylontech US2000B lithium battery
A particularity of the battery Pylontech US2000B that the difference from the rest, is that it can work without communication with the inverter. Pylontech provides what parameters must be put in the inverter for the proper functioning of the system, Voltronic Axpert being the main manufacturer that works in this way.

  • SolaX SK-SUxxxxE and SK-TLxxxxE: Investors specialized in self-consumption and occasional backup operation. These inverters operate at 48V and a minimum of 2 Pylontech units of 2.4kWh would be necessary.
  • SolaX X1-Hybrid and X3-Hybrid: third generation self-consumption inverters. For these inverters do NOT use this model, but the high voltage, the Pylontech H48050
  • Voltronic Axpert: Insulated inverters of 24 and 48V. The Pylontech lithium battery works in non-communication mode with the full range of 48V of the MK series, MKS (parallelisable and group start), MKSII, VM, VM II, VM III and the VP (those with the PWM controller integrated)
  • Voltronic Infinisolar: 48V hybrid inverters. The lithium battery US2000B also works in mode without communication, also with three-phase. In a section below we detail how to configure the equipment.
  • Victron Energy MultiPlus and Quattro: 48V hybrid inverters, specialized both in isolation and self-consumption. It works only in ESS mode (energy storage mode). Soon we will launch the new firmware that will allow its use in isolated solar mode.

If your inverter is not on the list, with the operating parameters without communication, the US 2000B lithium battery can work perfectly, however, in this mode the Pylontech battery has no warranty.


Technical specifications of Pylontech US2000B plus lithium battery 2.4kWh

  • Rated voltage (V): 48
  • Rated capacity (Wh): 2400
  • Usable capacity (Wh): 2200
  • Physical Dimension (mm): 440 * 410 * 89
  • Weight (Kg): 24
  • Discharge voltage (V): 45 ~ 54
  • Load voltage (V): 52.5 ~ 54
  • Peak discharge current (A): 5kW @ 15s
  • Peak load current (A): 5kW @ 15s
  • Types of communications: RS232, RS485, CAN
  • Charging temperature: 0 ? ~ 50 ?
  • Discharge temperature: -10 ? ~ 50 ?
  • Working temperature: -20 ? ~ 60 ?
  • Certifications: TÜV / CE / UN38.3
  • Lifespan: 10+ Years (25 ? / 77 ?)
  • Life cycles:> 4500 (90% DoD)> 6000 (80% DoD)

Installation of the lithium battery Pylontech US2000B plus 2,4kWh

  • They will be installed on 19 'rack cabinets
  • You can also install the brackets when there are few units, although we recommend that if you use this system, do not put more than 2 units.
  • For the Pylontech US2000B plus lithium battery, it is recommended not to download more than 25A per module, which would be 1.2kW. So the recommended modules for inverter power would be the following:
  • 3kW inverter: 3 modules US2000B plus
  • 5kW inverter: 4 modules US2000B plus
  • 6kW inverter: 5 US2000B plus modules
  • However, some inverters have limited current discharge of the batteries to 50A, eye because this limits the output power to only 2400W.


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3,000W 24V Voltronic Axpert King hybrid 3,000W 24V Voltronic Axpert King hybrid
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