285w 24 volt AmeriSolar Solar Panel

Product no.: AMERISOLAR-285W

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The 285w 24 volt AmeriSolar Polycrystalline Solar Panel has low degradation and excellent efficiency.


The 285w 24 volt AmeriSolar Solar Panel is a high efficiency polycrystalline module that has the highest power guarantee on the market, guaranteeing 91.2% production in 12 years and 80.6% 30 years. It has 4 bus bars per cell for greater transmission of electricity and a high resistance glass of up to 2400Pa.

Advanced performance and proven benefits

  • High module conversion efficiency of up to 17.52% by using high-efficiency solar cells and advanced manufacturing technology.
  • Low degradation and excellent performance in high temperature and low light conditions.
  • The robust aluminum frame ensures that the modules withstand wind loads up to 2400P and loads up to 5400Pa
  • High reliability against extreme environmental conditions (saturated fog, ammonia and hail test)
  • Potential induced degradation PID resistance
  • 0 + - 3% positive power tolerance



Data Sheet

Electrical Power 285W
Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.7V
Short Circuit Curret Power (Isc) 9.42A
Voltage at nominal power (Vmp) 31.7V
Current at nominal power (Imp) 9.00A
Module efficiency % 17.52
Dimensions 1640 x 992 x 35 mm
Warranty 2 years


A test was carried out with more than 100 brands of solar panels in which the performance of each of them was evaluated after one and two years of being installed. The results were above 90%, so they are considered as good modules and when the result is below 85% it is a poor result. The Amerisolar panel showed 99.6 and 101% results well above most brands even the most renowned ones like sharp, kyocera, solarworld.

AmeriSolar has numerous projects all over the world, it is a quality solar panel with a 30-year power guarantee at 80.2%, much higher than the 25 years of most brands thanks to its long-lasting solar cells. It has strict quality controls and uses first-rate materials and manufacturing processes.


Charge regulators for Amerisolar 285w solar panels with 60 cells and 24 volts
If we use 280w amerisolar solar panels in isolated installations, we must choose mppt type regulators or maximizers since they allow the series connection of panels, necessary whenever we use a 60-cell plate to reach the necessary battery charging voltages. If we use 100-volt maximizers we can use two panels in series and in the 150-volt ones we can reach 3 panels in series. Models such as midnite or some victron blue solar already allow the connection of 4 and up to 5 solar panels in series.

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