Save energy for factory 100 Kw

Product no.: AH-0006

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Save Power Unit for installations below 100 kW three phase and single phase both. Save energy!

TKI 100 Kw unit Three-Phase Electricity Saving Local Business, Bars , Offices and any business with consumption phase .

Installation is very simple but it is preferable to do a professional, all you need is to connect each of the phases and the neutral panel. The results obtained by this device ranges between 10% and 30 % savings in consumption.

Start saving on your electric bill up to 30% . It installs easily , reducing the amount of electricity your home appliances business.

In an electrical installation , Home, Office or Industrial , in most cases only 60 or 70 % of the electricity provided is used by electrical appliances , the rest is wasted , caused by high Reactive Power . This effect is a waste of electricity and a high cost on your receipt and / or electricity bill .

How to fix it?

These exclusive savers compensate reactive power needed installation required . Thus, to optimize the voltage and current demand reducing active power requirement as well as reducing active power ( kW ) , defendant and can achieve savings of up to 30 % savings in total electricity consumption . Do not waste more energy!


1. Plug it in the bottom of the electrical panel ( The installation manual attached to the product ) .

Two . After installation, the LED will light , indicating that the unit is already in operation .
Benefits :
  1. - Now up to 30 % energy.
  2. - No maintenance .
  3. - No power increase so no extra cost.
  4. - You only need to use one for each 100 kW hired.
  5. - Extends the life of your electronics to stabilize voltage variations .
  6. - Its use is legal .
  7. - 2 years warranty.





Frequently Asked Questions:





If I connect more than one saving electricity saving more ?
No, a device is sufficient per phase. Any additional unit that connects not increase their savings , unless their electrical consumption exceeds 100 kW .





What is the life of a Smart Electricity Saver ?





Electricity Savers are designed to operate about 80,000 hours of continuous use (more than 9 years).





Do you have certified?





Yes , and operating approval recognized organizations dedicated to consumer safety as CE .







Also available in 120 kW and 240 kW .


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