Narada NPFC LiFePO4 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery

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The Narada 48NPFC50 Battery is a state-of-the-art lithium battery that works at 48V with integrated BMS module for remote control


The Narada 48NPFC50 lithium battery is part of the Narada NPFC series that is characterized by a 48V LiFePO battery pack.
They are high performance batteries that serve both for isolated installations, network installations and for self-consumption installations with batteries or accumulation.

The Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery has an intelligent BMS module that allows administration, centralized remote support and battery monitoring (voltage, current, temperature of the cells and of each module, overload protections, etc.), and administration and remote maintenance of the battery, in this way the balance of each cell is achieved and the current is limited during the charging process to ensure the safety and efficiency of the battery.

In addition, the Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery has two RS485 ports and an RS232 port on the front that allows parallel connection of the modules.

The Narada 48NPFC50 lithium battery has a modular nature and simplicity for its parallel connection, so many batteries can be connected in parallel up to a maximum of 8.

Technical characteristics of the 4.8kWh Narada 48NPFC50 48V Lithium Battery


  • It is a LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate), so its internal technology has all the advantages inherent in the latest generation lithium batteries.
  • The Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery is of high energy density and light weight compared to other batteries in the market with similar technical characteristics.
  • Its internal technology enjoys a long service life even when its usual use of deep cycles.
  • It is a battery with a fast charge capacity compared to other batteries of a similar range, so waiting times are minimized.
  • The Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery has an integrated battery management system (BMS) that by controlling the temperature, voltage, etc. guarantees both the safety of the accumulator and the integrity of the other connected elements, optimizing Battery operation at all times.
  • The battery has RS485 ports to make connections in parallel and thus increase the capacity of the system, in particular up to 8 batteries can be connected in parallel, one of them being the master and the other 7 slaves.
  • The front of the battery incorporates an LED light that indicates the percentage of remaining energy autonomy.
  • The Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw battery has a low self-discharge rate and no memory effect.
  • This battery does not emit gases during operation or at rest, which allows you to install the battery inside the home if you wish.
  • Since it is a lithium battery, it does not require maintenance or periodic control of its internal levels, so after installation it does not require manipulation.
  • Although the above points define the character and operation of the battery, without a doubt the characteristic that makes the Narada 48NPFC50 48V 2,4Kw lithium battery one of the most efficient in the market is its discharge capacity as this battery is capable of discharging 100%, since its useful capacity and real capacity is the same, something that does not occur in other lithium batteries.

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