305w Solar Panel 72 Cells Cynetic TITAN

Product no.: 305W-TITAN

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The 305w 72 Cell Cynetic Titan Solar Panel is of high efficiency and has 4 bus bar for better electrical efficiency.



The 305w Solar Panel with 72 Cells Cynetic TITÁN has high efficiency class A cells and 4 bus bars for better electrical conduction. Power guarantee increased to 12 years at 90% production and 25 years at 80%.

The 305w Solar Panel with 72 Cells Cynetic TITÁN is high efficiency and 72 cells for isolated and grid-connected solar installations. Manufactured in accordance with all quality regulations and with a linear power guarantee of 12 years at 90% and 35 years at 80%, they offer a quality product at a very competitive price.


Charge regulators for cynetic 305w solar panels with 72 cells and 24 volts
If we use the 305w Solar Panel of 72 Cynetic TITÁN cells in isolated installations, we can use pwm regulators or choose mppt type regulators or maximizers. The latter allow the series connection of panels and obtain more performance than the pwm. If we use 100-volt maximizers we can use two panels in series and in the 150-volt ones we can reach 3 panels in series. Models such as the midnite or some victron blue solar already allow the connection of 4 and up to 5 solar panels in series


Characteristics of the 305w Solar Panel of 72 Cynetic TITAN Cells

  • It passed the 168 hour PID test, maintaining stable efficiency.
  • Passed the 56-day salt spray test, qualified for seashore installation.
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa.
  • It passed the ammonia spray test, improving its application in grow houses.


Data Sheet

Maximum power (W) 305
Power tolerance  % 0/+3%
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 43.7
Short circuit current (Isc) 8,78
Maximum power voltage (V) 36,80
Maximum power current (A) 8.29
Module Efficiency  % maximum 15.80 %
Series fuse rating (A) 15
Maximum system voltage(V) DC1000
Operating temperature (Cº) -40 to 85
Warranty  25 years in power and against manufacturing defect 10 years
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