Wind turbine AIR 40 Land 12V 160W.

Product no.: 290-112-200

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Wind turbine for isolated installations of small power AIR 40 Land 12V 160W Southwest Windpower.

The Southwest Windpower AIR 40 Land wind turbine is the latest evolution in the series.

Most of the improvements can be seen inside the turbine. The main improvements of the Southwest Windpower AIR 40 Land consist of eliminating the noises generated with winds higher than 70 Km / h, since now not only its aero-elastic blades regulate the revolutions, but its electronic controller also detects rapid accelerations, smoothing its operation.



  1. Potential energy generated approx. 40 kWh per month at 13.4 mph (6.0 m / s)
  2. Swept area 1.07 m2
  3. 46-inch rotor diameter (1.17 m)
  4. Weight 5.9 kg
  5. Packing dimensions 686 x 318 x 229 mm 7.7 kg
  6. Wind speed at 8 mph (3.58 m / s)
  7. 12 VDC voltage
  8. Turbine controller based on microprocessor, intelligent internal controller
  9. Die-cast aluminum body (3) Compound injection molded blades
  10. Permanent magnet brushless alternator
  11. Protection against excessive electronic control of torque
  12. Wind resistance of 110 mph (49.2 m / s)
  13. Recommended post 48 mm outside diameter
  14. Five-year limited warranty
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