AGM Battery 12V-110A monoblock (C20) VICTRON

Product no.: 111-GM12-110

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Monoblock AGM Battery 12V - 110A (C20) Victron marks. Maintenance free.

  • Fully sealed and maintenance free
  • Very low internal resistance
  • Self discharge is less than 2% per month
  • 2 years warranty

The range of AGM Batteries VICTRON has a very low internal resistance, so it is very suitable for applications involving high-intensity discharge, such as inverters, boosters and starter

Due to the use of high purity materials and lead calcium grids, AGM batteries have a low self discharge allowing longer storage periods without charge.

They have flat copper terminals with M8 bolts, ensuring the best possible contact and eliminate the need for battery terminals. Batteries comply with CE and UL and ABS containers are fire resistant. They have a Victron Energy warranty of two years with worldwide coverage

General Specifications:

  • Technology: AGM flat plate. Terminals: Copper, M8
  • Nominal capacity: download in 20h at 25 ° C
  • Floating Lifespan: 7-10 years at 20 ° C
  • Duration of life cycles:
                                   200 cycles at 100% discharge
                                   400 cycles at 50% discharge
                                   900 cycles at 30% discharge
  • 32 kg in weight and 330 x 171 x 220 mm in size




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