Solar Regulator Mppt 250 / 100tr 12-24-48v Victron Smart

Product no.: VICTRON-250/100

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The Victron Smart Mppt 250 / 100tr 12-24-48v solar controller can drive a maximum of 1400w from panels at 12v, 2800w at 24V and 5600w at 48V



The Victron Smart Mppt Solar Regulator 250 / 100tr 12-24-48v has the possibility of putting a screen integrated into the equipment and bluetooth to configure from mobile or tablet. It allows the connection of 5 panels in series of up to 72 cells and can operate 24-volt panels in 12-volt systems. The victron 250 / 100tr mppt regulator can carry a maximum of 1400w of panels in systems at 12v, 2800w at 24 and 5600w at 48v.

Advantages of a Victron Smart 250 / 100tr 12-24-48v Mppt Solar Regulator
There are two types of regulators on the market, maximizers or mppt such as victron 150 / 100tr smart solar and there are also so-called pwm (pulse width modulation). Mppt regulators have many advantages over pwm and are the recommended option as long as the budget allows.

  • First of all, a victron 250 100tr mppt regulator allows the series connection of panels, that is, we can enter the regulator at a voltage higher than that of the battery. In this victron 100Ah regulator we have a maximum of 150 volts in open circuit of photovoltaic input, so for example in a 24 volt system we can connect three 300w 72-cell panels in series. By being able to enter a higher voltage, we facilitate series connection by reducing the wiring section and minimizing losses due to voltage drop.
  • Secondly, with a victron 250 100tr smart solar mppt regulator we obtain more production than with a pwm, the mppt takes advantage of 100% of what the photovoltaic panel produces, obtaining yields of up to 30% higher than pwm. With fewer panels we obtain the same performance as with a pwm regulator and more panels, so the higher investment of the mppt is justified by lowering the investment in the photovoltaic panel. For example, 8 300w panels with a pwm dimmer will perform roughly the same as 6 300w panels with a mppt dimmer.
  • Thirdly, we have that the mppt charges more on cloudy days since by connecting panels in series and entering a higher voltage, on cloudy days the mppt will charge earlier thanks to the fact that it will always have enough voltage to exceed that of the battery . In an mppt regulator like the victron with 3 plates of 72 cells in series we enter 105 volts, if it is cloudy we can go down to 70-80v which is higher than the 24 volts of the system and therefore will contribute the load produced by the panels. In the pwm we enter 35 volts, so if it is cloudy we can have less than 24 volts at certain times and we cannot exceed the battery voltage and therefore charge.

Optional display in the smart solar range
The regulator has a socket where to put the screen on the victron mppt smart solar From the screen you can view battery voltages, load watts, load amps among other parameters and also configure the regulators for each type of battery.


Characteristics of Victron Smart Mppt Solar Regulator 250 / 100tr 12-24-48v

  • Ultra-Fast Maximum Power Point (MppT) Tracking - Especially with cloudy skies, when the light intensity changes continuously, an ultra-fast Mppt controller will improve energy harvesting by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers, and up to 10% compared to slower Mppt controllers.
  • Advanced detection of the maximum power point in case of partial cloudiness.- In cases of partial cloudiness, two or more points of maximum power (Mpp) may occur on the load voltage curve. Conventional Mppts usually select a local Mpp, which is not necessarily the optimal Mpp. SmartSolar's innovative algorithm will always maximize energy collection by selecting the optimal Mpp.
  • Exceptional Conversion Efficiency - Fanless. Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%
  • Extensive electronic protection.- Over-temperature protection and power reduction in case of high temperature. Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection in PV panels. PV reverse current protection.
  • Internal temperature sensor.- Compensates the absorption and float charge voltage depending on the temperature.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart.- No dongle needed. The wireless solution to configure, monitor and update the controller with an Apple or Android smartphone, tablet or other device.
  • VE: Direct.- For a wired data connection to a color control, a PC or other devices.
  • Remote ON / OFF.- To connect to a VE.BUS BMS, for example.
  • Programmable relay.- It can be programmed (among others, with a smartphone) to activate an alarm or other events.
  • Optional: Pluggable LCD Display - Simply remove the rubber protector from the socket on the front of the controller and plug in the display.



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