Thermo Solar Hybrid + Solar Panels

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Thermo hybrid solar hot water with solar panels. Get hot water for your home or business clean, simple, and economical manner. 

Its operation is very simple: you have two separate electrical systems, one for connecting to the grid and one for connecting photovoltaic solar panels. Both systems can operate simultaneously or each independently. 

In good weather the water is heated by solar energy. The network connection ensures system operation over long periods of bad weather. 

The heater has 2 thermostats, one for low temperature or other for maximum. The electrical network system is put in place just in case reached that minimum temperature. Between these temperatures only the solar system is activated, automatically turning off east to reach the maximum temperature. 

Electricity costs, therefore, is greatly reduced. In areas with good weather this spending may be reduced to 100%. 

The heater also has a system to connect to other gas or electric boiler for heating and underfloor heating and water Preheat also lowering consumption and increasing their lifespan. 

You can also, if there is excess solar energy advantage for the excess solar energy to electric appliances by connecting the heater to an investor. 

The price includes: Thermo Hybrid, solar panels, structure, cables, connections and switch DC

They deal with 1000W solar panels (4 panels 250W), 1500W (6 panels) and 2000W (8 panels). To consult other powers

Increased thermal maximum in 1 hour

                                                        1kw             1.5 kw             2kw

            Thermo 100 liters             8.8ºC           13.2ºC           17.6ºC

            Thermo 125 liters             7.3ºC            11ºC              17.7ºC

            Thermo 160 liters             5.8ºC            8.8ºC             11.7ºC

            Thermo 200 liters             4.4ºC            6.6ºC              8.8ºC

Advantages over solar panels (solar thermal): 

  • Easier and faster installation 
  • No pipes between the water heater and panels 
  • The panels can be placed up to a distance of 100m from the thermal 
  • Security have hot water all year 
  • No problems with the excess solar energy 
  • Virtually no maintenance 
  • Shelf life much longer 

Technical characteristics: 

  • Available 100, 125, 160 and 200 liters. 
  • Built-in thermometer 
  • Mediate temperature control 2 thermostats 
  • Vertical wall Intalación 
  • Depot in fritted steel 
  • Cover painted electrostatically 
  • Built-exchange coil 
  • Corrosion protection by magnesium anode 
  • CFC-free polyurethane insulation. 42mm thick 
  • Minimum heat loss 
  • 2 resistors ceramic independent: for one system. Solar and network 
  • Enamelled resistors pods 
  • Electrical protection IP45



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