Heat pump for ACS (190L)

Product no.: RSJ-15/190RDN3

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Air-water heat pump for hot water 190 liters.
Easy to install Compact model. Operating all year without additional heating. 
Energy solution for home comfort using air as the main source of energy. It is a flexible and cost effective boilers allows also have air conditioning in housing alternative. 
It has a maximum energy efficiency. Extracts heat from the outside air and, depending on the model and working conditions, generates heat about 3 per Kw Kw power consumed, so that 2/3 of energy consumed is free. 
  • Upper: extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it to the inside by means of cooling pipes. 
  • Inside part: hydraulic part that is responsible for transferring heat from the fluid to the water and send it to the terminal units (radiators or underfloor heating) and hot water. In the "air conditioning" mode reduces the inside temperature of the cool water and distributed throughout the house. 
  • Hot water pump: Hot water storage needs housing. Is heated by a heat exchanger embedded support incorporating a secondary power unit. Optionally, you can insert a solar system with external DHW exchange or double exchange. 


Technical characteristics: 
  • Capacity: 190 liters 
  • Operating Temperature Range: -7/43 ° C 
  • Assigned / Power consumption: 1.85 / 0.75 Kw 
  • Dimensions: 730/1660 mm (width / length) 
  • Net Weight: 91 Kg 
  • Maximum working pressure: 7 bar 
  • Temp. leaving water: 38 º / 70 º. Preset 65 
  • Code: SO 30011


Valid for single family viviendad existing and new construction.


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