150/96 A Midnite Classic 150 RCM Mppt Solar Regulator

Product no.: RCM-150/96A

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The Midnite Classic RCM 150 / 96A Solar MPPT Controller has advanced monitoring software and 180-day data storage.



The Midnite Classic RCM 150/96A Mppt Solar Regulator is one of the most advanced mppt regulators out there. In addition to charging algorithms for any type of battery, we have very advanced monitoring and configuration software. Monitoring screen of all parameters and software with graphic options and data storage for the last 380 days.


The 150/96A Midnite Classic RCM Mppt Solar Regulator allows connecting 4 panels in series

The Midnite Classic RCM 150/96 A Mppt Solar Regulator comes prepared with the HYPERVOC function that allows the 150 volts maximum input to add the battery voltage, so for example in a 48v system we could have 150v + 48v = 198v input panels. Thanks to this function we can go from the three plates in series of a conventional 150v mppt regulator to 4 panels.


Features of the 150/96A Midnite Classic RCM Mppt Solar Regulator

  • Maximum Voc: 150VDC
  • Maximum Current: 96A
  • HyperVOC: 150V + battery voltage
  • Charging voltages: 12-48v
  • Applications: Solar - Hydraulic-Wind (For wind mode you have to buy optional accessories)
  • Maximum Current at 25ºC:
  • 96A for 12v
  • 94A for 24v
  • 83A for 48v
  • Two relays, one of them with data input
  • Use temperature: -40 to 40ºC
  • Data: 380 days with 12 parameters.
  • Loads: Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalization, Errors.
  • Warranty: 5 years
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