Solar hot air heating up to 70m2

Product no.: KW-Ecoair 220

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The solar panel for hot air heating is ideal to keep any house, living room or other room of up to 70 m2 warm.


Solar panels for solar heating heat the outside air and introduce it into the house using a fan, which is powered by a photovoltaic solar panel. In this way we replace the indoor air with hot and dry air, removing moisture
and also providing heat.

Its operation is simple, solar heating panels capture solar radiation and heat the air inside it and a fan that works with a solar panel puts this hot air into the house.
The days of rain and fog will not work, but the cold days when there is sunshine will be your best ally to have the house warm.

Enjoy free heating and a house without damp, it is ideal for second homes that are closed throughout the week and when they arrive at the weekend they are cold and wet, with solar heating I forgot about this feeling.
In houses that are used as usual housing will help keep it warm and save on heating.

The result is a much drier, hot and pleasant environment at home. Bad smells and mold disappear.

KW-Ecoair 220 panels have a manual fan power regulator. The KW-Ecoair 220 model also incorporates a differential temperature controller that only lets the fan run, if the temperature in the panel is higher than the temperature inside the house.

They are designed to automatically cool by convection in summer, when not in use. It is the perfect solution to add comfort to your home.

Apart from installing solar collectors on house facades, it can also be installed on rooftops. A support helps to achieve the proper inclination towards the sun and some tubes guide the hot air towards the house.

Air grille and solar collector control system

Inside the house or house an air grill is mounted to cover the air tube and channel the hot air into the interior space. A control system can turn the fan on and off and change the fan speed.

Solar heating panels are used among other things to:

  • Ventilate houses
  • Support heating
  • Reduce humidity
  • Remove odors (from moisture)
  • Reduce and prevent mold

KW-Ecoair panels work:

  • Independent of the electricity grid (they carry their own photovoltaic plate)
  • No operating cost
  • Easy to install and use
  • Without maintenance
  • They are designed to automatically cool by convection in summer, when not in use.
  • It is the perfect solution to add comfort to your home.


  • Absorption area: 1.5 m2
  • Size: 220 x 70 x 6 cm
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Front panel: Polycarbonate
  • Photovoltaic plate: 10W
  • 6W fan power
  • Electronics: Fan speed regulation and temperature regulation
  • Absorber plate: Aluminum with solar cover
  • Recommended for rooms: 40-70 m2
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