Ecological farm Extractor from 10" to 26"

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Basic wind Extractor from 10" to 20" for exhaust ventilation with no consumption. With double engines: wind and piezoelectric.


Has 2 dummy engines, one wind and another piezoelectric therefore continue running when there is no wind thanks to changes in pressure and / or temperature between the interor and exterior. So , can operate 24 hours a day without any type of consumption or utility costs .

It applies both to residential area (vents , chimneys ... ) and the Industrial ( warehouses , factories , warehouses, transformer substations , water tanks , farms, sports fields ... ) .
The result of their operation are healthy spaces renovated and clean air . Transform loaded and flawed places with great power savings using free energy sources and sustainable.
  • Made entirely of aluminum. It is lightweight and therefore , very sensitive to wind , improving extraction capacity . It is highly resistant to corrosion , especially in industrial or marine . Aluminium is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion because, by its chemical affinity with oxygen, air spontaneously form an oxide layer thin , waterproof, very adherent to the metal, which prevents attack progresses.
  • Stainless steel bearings. It uses ball bearings in stainless steel with sealed bearing 2RS giving the greater tightness , not allowing the entry of dirt and extending the life of the product by the retention of fat.
  • Overlapping blades. The blades are mounted on each other so as to be overlapped by preventing the entry of water.
  • Parts riveted. Each of the pieces is joined by special rivets with a double clamp , thereby ensuring the union of all parts.
  • Security. It has a booster (called spider ) between the top of the shaft and fixed neck minimizes vibrations during heavy wind gusts . Furthermore, this structure is used if necessary to place the strip - winds from the Ecco Extractor Wind up the cover, ... to secure.
  • Tested to 120 Km / h. Under pressure wind up to 120 km / h in one of the wind tunnels of INTA ( National Institute for Aerospace Technology ) , under the Ministry of Defense .
Residential Applications:
  • Eliminate odors due to wind revoked
  • Avoid boilers are off due to the reverse
  • Avoid plastering the chimney smoke
  • Prevent entry of birds
  • Prevent ingress of water
  • Avoid dust ingress
Industrial applications:
  • Removing heat buildup
  • Considerable reduction % Humidity avoiding or reducing problems due to the onset of condensation
  • Improved working conditions significantly reducing absenteeism.
  • Warehouses , factories , farms, greenhouses , boiler rooms , compressor rooms , bakeries , paddle tennis courts (tennis, ... ) , sports , food industry, livestock industry, metallurgical industry , paper industry ( paper ) , packaging industry , packaging industry , plastic industry, ...


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