Battery for caravans and motorhomes Monbat 100A

Product no.: AGM 1200C

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Battery for caravans and motorhomes Monbat 100A 12V ideal for maintaining all the electrical equipment of a caravan or motorhome.


These AGM batteries from Monbat are perfect for boats, caravans, motorhomes and fishing boats because of their technical characteristics.

By installing the AGM batteries from Monbat you will be able to have all the electrical appliances that have your caravan or boat with a reliable and durable power part.

Make sure your motorhome vacation is perfect without running out of energy in the middle of the night by using other types of batteries not intended for this use.

The AGM DEEP CYCLE series uses the latest generation AGM technology with the electrolyte absorbed in the fiberglass separator.

It is specially designed to provide reliable electrical storage solutions for renewable energy applications.



  • 100% spill-free battery
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Totally maintenance free, no need refilling.
  • Very low self-discharge that guarantees a longer storage period
  • Resist up to 500 cycles at 50% DOD
  • They resist up to 1,000 cycles of photovoltaic alications
  • Extremely long service life
  • High safety and reliability of handling.


  • C100 capacity: 105A
  • Capacity C20: 100A
  • Capacity C20 (Entraccion): 85A
  • Dimensions: 345x 175 x 230 mm
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