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Triangular solar panel for triangular roofs

Triangular solar panel for triangular roofs from 95W to 105W. Take advantage of the space on your roof.

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Portable solar power station

The portable solar power station of 46 amps to charge mobiles, laptops and even use small appliances.

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Digital timer 12V for solar systems

Din Rail 12V Digital timer with LCD display for solar systems to 12V for homes and caravans

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Solar LED outdoor focus with sensor

Focus high brightness with 60 Solar LED outdoor motion sensor. The light will automatically turn on when motion is detected.

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Programmer 12V programmable seconds

12V wall digital timer / programmer with LCD display for 12V solar installations and caravans.


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PV solar system 2.500 W

Full housing, houses or huts weekend and summer with average consumption solar system. Valid for consumption. Very easy installation.

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DoPower Inverter 1500W - 12V

1500W Power Inverter brand and 12V for small and medium solar systems. German brand of confidence.

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Monoblock Battery 115Ah C100 12V Turbo Energy

Turbo Energy monoblock battery 12V 115Ah C100. For small solar installations. High quality.

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Solar collector Solcrafte Style PLUS 145 liters

Solcrafte PLUS integrated solar collector and accumulator 145L exceptional performance and design with easy mounting solar system.

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Termosyphon Escosol Star V15 (150 liters)

Team thermosyphon for flat or sloping roof Escosol Star V15 2.0. 150 SV. Great quality 150 liters of capacity.

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Accumulator with resistance Idrogas from 80 to 200 liters

Interacumulador with resistance Idrogas. Comes standard exterior and switch to the resistance thermostat. Vertical or horizontal.

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Pool heating with collectors (Piscina: 16 m2)

System to heat swimming pools by solar energy. You can enjoy your pool for more months without maintenance costs.

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Monitor-controller consumption monophase

Monitor consumption phase controller with USB and digital display. Sample consumption Kw and Euros.

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Portable flexible solar panel 100W 12V

Flexible solar panel of 100W 12V, ideal to carry anywhere to charge batteries or to operate almost directly any electrical device.

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